Wichita Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are are being investigated for possible criminal activity, been contacted by the police or have already been charged with a crime, now more than ever, it is essential to have an experienced and competent criminal defense attorney on your side. Criminal allegations are not always straightforward and the consequences for a conviction can be far reaching and often unexpected.

Courtroom Experience and Practical Advice

When you hire me as your attorney, I take the time to listen to you. Together we go over the facts of your case. I will fully explain what each charge means and what the possible penalties are. We will discuss the potential outcomes and I will offer honest, practical and experienced advice about your best options. As we move forward, I will take a proactive approach to your case and use all of the resources at my disposal to find solutions that will be in your best interest, whether that means working out a plea or going to trial.

Experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer

Because I focus solely on criminal defense, I understand the criminal justice system. Additionally, through my many years of experience in both the public defender’s office and as a private criminal defense attorney for the past 20 years, I have developed strong negotiation skills and the ability to be a successful courtroom advocate for my clients.

Learn more about how my law office can help you with the following legal matters:

  • Federal drug crimes: Interstate 70 (I-70), running through Kansas, has become a hotbed for drug trafficking. The police presence on the interstate is stronger than ever. If you have been arrested for any drug crime, learn how my experience can help you.
  • State crimes: If you have been charged with any felony, especially a sex offense, the consequences of a conviction can be extremely severe. Let me help you protect your rights.
  • White collar crimes: From wire fraud, mail fraud, food stamp fraud to money laundering, I have extensive experience advocating for clients’ rights to obtain the best results for your legal situation.

Pratt Law L.L.C.

From offices in downtown Wichita, Kansas, Pratt Law L.L.C. represents clients charged with criminal charges in the Kansas federal courts and state courts throughout Kansas. Contact James R. Pratt to schedule a free initial consultation with a dedicated Wichita criminal law lawyer.