Kansas Federal Drug Crime Attorney

Strong Representation for Federal Drug Offenses

Being charged with a federal drug crime is extremely serious. Many federal drug crime convictions carry mandatory minimum sentences. In addition there is no opportunity for parole in federal system, you serve your sentence minus any good time. With such severe penalties, it is absolutely necessary to retain an experienced federal drug crimes lawyer. When I take on your case, I am meticulous in searching for cracks in the government’s case. Were you illegally stopped or searched? Does the government have sufficient evidence against you? Is all the evidence admissible? These are some of the questions I ask when I gather evidence to defend your case. Together, we can assess your legal situation and decide whether a plea bargain or a trial is in your best interest, a decision that is made by you.

I am able to handle a variety of tough federal drug cases such as:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Conspiracy to traffic drugs
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing of drugs

1-70 Drug Busts

Interstate 70, which runs from Utah to Maryland through the middle of Kansas, has become a major corridor for national drug trafficking due to its many connecting routes. The police in Kansas have been given federal money in order to increase patrols looking specifically for drug runners (Operation Pipeline among others). The police will pull a vehicle over for a minor traffic violation and then attempt to get the driver to consent to a search of the vehicle, whether or not the officer has reason to believe there are drugs in the vehicle. In most cases, giving the police consent to search relieves you of any rights you might have under the Fourth Amendment provisions against unreasonable searches and seizures. If you have been pulled over on I-70 and were arrested for drugs found in your car, contact Pratt Law L.L.C. for experienced federal drug crimes representation.

Defense of Drug Crimes

From offices in downtown Wichita, Kansas, Pratt Law L.L.C. represents clients charged with drug offenses in the Kansas federal courts and state courts throughout Kansas. Contact James R. Pratt to schedule a free initial consultation with a qualified Wichita federal drug crime attorney.