Kansas White Collar Defense Attorney

Dedicated and Compassionate Representation

When hit with accusations of white collar crime, most people are extremely concerned about their family, their reputation, and often their business and employees. Of course, they are also concerned about the prospect of facing prison time. In the last decade, the federal government has created harsher penalties and longer prison terms for those convicted of white collar crimes.

Wichita White Collar Crime Attorney

I understand how devastating even the allegation of white collar crime can be, and I listen with compassion as we go over the law and the facts of your case. As your attorney, I will move quickly to prepare your defense and to protect your rights. Many times we can negotiate your case out of court, sometimes keeping charges from even being filed. However, if we do go to court, I will always aggressively defend your case in order to obtain a favorable outcome.

If you are being investigated or have been charged with wire or mail fraud, food stamp fraud, money laundering, bank fraud, securities fraud, or Medicaid/Medicare fraud, I can help you prepare the best defense.

Federal White Collar Defense Lawyer in Kansas

From offices in downtown Wichita, Kansas, Pratt Law, LLC represents clients charged with white collar offenses in the Kansas federal courts. Contact James R. Pratt to schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled mail fraud defense attorney.